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Bikaner is a vibrant desert town situated in the north west of Rajasthan. Even though there are many hotels in Bikaner less people travel here as compared to other cities of Rajasthan such as Jaisalmer.

Bikaner was founded in the year 1488 by Rao bika a successor of Jodha, who founded the city of Jodhpur. Bikaner spreads over an area of 155 km² and is well known for its snacks and sweets. Bikaner is also known for its camel safaris, Karni Mata temple, forts and palaces.

Rajasthani, Marwari, English and Hindi are the common languages which are spoken here.



Bikaner contributes to the history of Rajasthan significantly. Rao Bika Ji a Rajput prince who was a descendant of Rao Jodha Ji, the founder of Jodhpur founded his kingdom in Bikaner in 1459 AD. The prince chose an infertile land called “Jungladesh” and created what is known as Bikaner today.

Bikaner still has historic reddish pink buildings made years ago. The royal family still stays in Lalgarh Palace which is now converted into a heritage hotel.


What to do in Bikaner

If you’re into collecting handicrafts then you can visit Abhivyakti which is a place to the northeast of Junahgarh. Abhivyakti sells blankets, bags, shirts and more made by skilled village artisans.

You can also visit Rajasthan Handicrafts which has a good stock of silverware, textiles and paintings.


Things for Sight Seeing in Bikaner

Bikaner is known for its forts especially the Junagarh fort. This fort was built in 1588 AD by Raja Rai Singh one of emperor Akbar’s most distinguished generals. This fort has never been captured by anyone in its history.

If you want to witness an architectural marvel you must visit Lalgarh Palace and Museum. It was made by Maharaja Ganga Singh to commemorate his father Maharaja Lal Singh in 1902. This majestic palace is entirely made of red sandstone.

If you are religious you must visit the Karni Mata Temple. This temple is unique as it is not known for its architecture but for the rats who freely roam around in the premises of the temple. These rats are considered sacred so people always feed them milk or sweets. This spectacle has made this temple famous all over the world.

Other than Karni Mata Temple you can also visit Jain Temple Bhandasar and Kodamdesar Temple.


Shopping in Bikaner

Bikaner is well known for its handicrafts. So if you want to buy such items you can visit places like Lallgrah palace where there are plenty of gift shops, Kote gate road where there are many malls where you can get all the needed artifacts for a good price and Junahgarh fort road where you will all the exquisite historic items which Bikaner is known for.

In Bikaner there are no malls as the ones in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, but you can get exclusive Bikaner items at the above mentioned places.


Buying Furniture in Bikaner

Wondering how to furnish your house in Bikaner? Straight head to places like Panchsati circle or J.N.V colony, sector 6 etc. These places have many furniture shops.

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Selling old stuff in Bikaner

Looking to sell your old furniture? You can always do so at places like Olx and Quikr.

If you want to sell old furniture offline then you can go to one of the local furniture shops. They might surely buy them or they might at least refer you to someone who would by them.

Are you selling old furniture because you need more space in the house? We totally understand if you're reluctant to sell it off, because you think you might need it again, soon. Or simply because it's too dear to discard.

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Getting things done in Bikaner

After you move into your new house there are a lot of things you need to get up and running. You might want to fix your lighting, fix that leaky tap, even want to get your room painted. For all this, you can hire Glovve's Home Settling-in Services. We help you with everything you need in the new city. 

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Restaurants & Eateries in Bikaner

When in Bikaner, do try the local specialties which people love.

You should definitely try the street food. You can start with Chhappan Bhog which is a small outlet in the famous Rani Bazaar. This place has got a variety of snacks and sweets.

You can also try Chhotu Motu Joshi Sweet Shop. It is a great place to put your food cravings to rest. People love the Rasmalai and Dal Kachori here.

If you want to try what the locals love indulging in, you can head to Heeralal Sweet Shop. People love their Bhujias, Rasgullas and Papads.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Bikaner

Education in Bikaner has reached a decent stage and today the city is considered to be one of the most important educational hubs of the state. Students from all part of the country and even from foreign countries come here to study in the prestigious colleges. The excellent boarding facilities provided by these colleges are added advantages for the outstation students. Some of the leading schools and colleges in Bikaner are Binani Kanya Mahavidyalaya, BJS Rampuria Jain College, Dungar College

If your children are young then too you need not worry. There are many play schools in Bikaner. Some of the most famous are Bachpan Play School, Marudhar Nagar, Sanskaar Play School. There are even brands such as Kidzee here.


Networking opportunities in Bikaner

If you don’t know many people in Bikaner try using You’ll definitely find some like-minded people here as you can search as per your liking.

You can also try interacting on facebook groups if you’re into social media.


The Woes of Bikaner

As the roads of Bikaner are narrow one of the biggest issue which people face in Bikaner is traffic congestion.

Another problem due to the rising number of vehicles is the pollution. These two are the major problems which the city faces.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Rajasthan

  • Area: 155 km²
  • Elevation: 242m
  • Population: 6.44 lakhs
  • Main languages: Rajasthani, Marwari, Hindi, English

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency phone numbers


The climate in Bikaner is moderate. In summers the temperature rises up to 41.8º Celsius. In winters it comes down to 5º Celsius.

Moving into the city:

By Rail: Bikaner is on the meter gauge network of the western Railways. Bikaner railway station is linked to the cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi, Bhatinda and Kalka. Bikaner Mail and Bikaner Express are the commonly preferred trains for travelling to Bikaner.

By Road: Bikaner is linked by road to the various cities of Rajasthan. There is a regular bus service between Bikaner and major cities like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Kota, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Rajasthan Roadways run daily deluxe coaches between Bikaner and Jaipur.

By Air: Jodhpur Airport is the airport nearest from Bikaner which it about 247 km away from Bikaner and is well-equipped with the latest facilities.

Moving around the City:

As the streets of Bikaner are narrow, people mostly use trishaws and tongas for moving from one place to another. Sometimes these narrow lanes are also clogged with sand and due to this, these rickshaws and tongas are the most important mode of transport. People also use bicycles to commute to work.

Outsiders need not worry either as all kinds of taxis are available.

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