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Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is also referred to as the Gateway to South India.

Chennai is the fourth most populated city in India and full of warm people. it'll be fairly easy for you to make friends here.

The Vandalur Zoo located in Chennai is the largest zoo in India and was also the first public zoo.



Chennai's name originated from the name of a person called Damarla Chennapa Nayakadu.


What to do in Chennai

Since you're in Chennai, you should know what it has in store for you, in regards to entertainment. If you don't know already you could try these things for fun.

Here is a list of gaming centers, for you and your family along with the top 10 gaming centers.

Dive into Chennai's cultural heritage by visiting its museums.

If you're an art fanatic, you can take part or visit some of the upcoming events.

If you're a religious person you can check out the huge list of temples made by ixigo, or you could see the 18 most famous ones.

More on the adventurous side? Here are 30 spots you could camp in around Chennai.

Find weekends boring? You could take your family for a movie.


Things for Sight Seeing in Chennai

Here are links top sight to  in Chennai


Shopping in Chennai

If you're looking to splurge some money we have a list of places that are the cheapest and best place to shop in Chennai or shop with the heritage of Chennai with things that make it unique.


Buying Furniture in Chennai

Planning to buy furniture for your new home? Check out the e-commerce sites.

Prefer checking out your furniture in person? Here is a list of vendors.

Want to buy second-hand furniture? Click here.

Have you considered renting furniture, instead? It's the smarter, simpler and more affordable. Glovve's Furniture Rental Services lets you choose from a wide range of trendy and stylish furniture. Rent furiture for your home in Chennai and save time, hassle and money.


Selling old stuff in Chennai

It's logical to not want to take everything you own with you to your new house. Hence you should do the next logical thing by selling these items or donate them, instead of throwing them away.

You could sell your items here.

Don't want to sell old furniture because there are so many fond memories attached to it? Why not store it somewhere safe? You can easily take it back whenever you want.

Glovve's Home Storage Solution lets you do that. Get rid of clutter and create space in your new home.


Getting things done in Chennai

Having to ask stranger's help for small problems which you face in your home can be embarrassing for anyone.

Problems like getting your house painted, fixing a leaky tap, looking for a doctor nearby, hiring a mason/driver etc.

Lucky for you, Glovve takes care of it all. 

Tell us what you need to settle-in at your new house: Electrician, Plumber, Handyman, Carpenter, Maid, Driver, Internet Provider, School. Settle down in Chennai easily, with Glovve's Home Settling-in Services.


Restaurants & Eateries in Chennai

As far as places to eat are concerned you should check out the list given by TripAdvisor.

If you want to try something more affordable you can check out the list given by Grabhouse. If you've got a sweet tooth, click here.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Chennai

Here is a big list of play schools for you to choose from so that you can choose the perfect one for you kid.

If your child has passed the play school stage, here is a list of schools you can choose from.

If you're looking for a CBSE board based education for your child, click here.


Networking opportunities in Chennai

If you don't have any friends in the city yet, you can always join a community in Chennai as a hobby and get to know people that share your interests, or get involved in meetups.


The Woes of Chennai

Despite all its perks, there is a downside to Chennai too.

Things like water logging, extreme heat, sanitation problems, traffic, etc. are problems you might be faced with.

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Read these tips before choosing packers and movers to Chennai

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2. 7 must-dos for a happy home-shifting experience

3. Hire the best packers and movers for furniture shifting

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Tamil Nadu

  • Area: 426 km2
  • Elevation: 6.7 m
  • Population: 9 million
  • Main Language: Tamil

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Numbers


The weather in Chennai differs distinctly as the seasons pass by.

The month of March denotes the beginning of summer and May denotes its end. (it peaks in May)

The season of monsoon lasts from June to August. (it peaks in August)

December to February is the season of winter. (Peaks in January)

Chennai is known to have a tropical wet and dry climate. The months of May to early June are the warmest when it comes to Chennai.

Moving into the city:

Chennai, as mentioned before, is known as the 'gateway to South India' is well connected.

You can get to Chennai via bustrain or air if you're traveling from any major city.

For booking information about flights to Chennai, Click here

The Chennai Central is the main railway terminus in Chennai, located adjacently to the current headquarters of Southern Railway.  

Need a bus ticket to Chennai? Click here.

Moving around the City:

You have options when it comes to getting around in Chennai, namely, auto-rickshaw, bustaxi, and trains.

Traveling within the city can be hectic due to the population, you can use the metro to avoid the commotion.

Couldn't quench your thirst for knowledge? Click here.

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