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Howrah is a city in the state of West Bengal. This is the third largest city in this state.

Howrah is closely connected to the capital city, Kolkata.

When in Howrah, visiting the Hooghly River and the very famous Howrah Bridge is a must.



Howrah has a rich cultural history. During the British Rule, Howrah came under the control of the East India Company in 1760.

In 1854, the Howrah Railway Station became operational. That’s when Howrah actually started developing into an industrial religion. The railway line enabled transportation of raw material and finished goods to and from Howrah.

Today, Howrah has a major engineering industry, which is also one of the major industries contributing to the economy of the city.


What to do in Howrah

When in Howrah, getting bored on the weekends is never going to be the case. There are a lot of fun things to do in this city for people of all age.

If you are a lover of arts and culture, go around exploring the city on foot. If you are a foodie, do try the local cuisine here. If you are a nature lover, spend a pleasant evening by the Hooghly river. If you are a religious person, you’ll find some of the best temples in this city.


Things for Sight Seeing in Howrah

Some of the must-visit places in Howrah are Dekshineshwar Kali Temple, Second Hooghly Bridge, Eden Gardens and Marble Palace.

For a detailed list, this article on TripAdvisor might help.


Shopping in Howrah

Looking to buy knick-knacks for the house? Or looking for place you could go to for your monthly grocery shopping?

Some of the most popular places are Avani Riverside Mall, Forum Rangoli, Paridhan or Vishal Mall.


Buying Furniture in Howrah

Looking to buy new furniture for your home in Howrah? How about renting furniture instead?

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If you’re still looking to buy furniture, some of the best places in Howrah are.


Selling old stuff in Howrah

Looking to sell off your old stuff after moving to the new house? If your furniture is in a good condition, you can easily sell it online. If you have wooden furniture, you can get in touch with a local furniture dealer to sell your furniture.

Don't wish to sell your old furniture because it's too dear to discard? Or you think you might need it again, later?

Why not store it somewhere safe? Glovve's Home Storage Solution lets you store your furniture or anything you don't need safely. Take it back whenever you want. Isn't that a great way to save space at your new home?


Getting things done in Howrah

If you thought packing and moving is the most difficult part of the move, you’re wrong. Setting up your new home and getting things in order is equally stressful.

How do you manage everything in a city you know little about?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone experienced were to help you do it right?

With Glovve’s home settling-in services, we help you with everything you need. Whether you are looking for a plumber, carpenter, maid, internet service provider or even school for your kids.


Restaurants & Eateries in Howrah

The local cuisine in Howrah is absolutely commendable. Some of the must try dishes here are Puchkas, Kathi Rolls, Fish Fry and Chilla. If you’re a dessert lover, this is the best city to live in.

Some of the best restaurants and eateries in Howrah are Fairly Place and Stock Exchange, Darce Lane for all kinds of street foods, Anadi Cabin and Balwant Singh Eating House.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Howrah

Moving to Howrah with kids? If you are looking for a school, some of the best options are St. Agnes’ Convent School, Asian International School, Delhi Public School and Maria’s Day School.

If you have college going kids, depending on their field of study, choose from Lalbaba College, Bijoy Krishna Girls College, Narasinha Dutt College or Calcutta Institute of Technology.


Networking opportunities in Howrah

Feeling homesick in the new city? One of the best way to get over this feeling is by meeting likeminded people and making new friends.

If you’ve moved to Howrah for work, you can strike a friendship with work colleagues. Since you both work in the same fields, it is likely that you both have similar interests.

Another way to meet people who share similar interests is


The Woes of Howrah

Several localities in Howrah face severe water crisis. Water supply isn’t regular and this create problems for residents.

Another problem troubling the city is encroachment of Government land. The land that was allotted for building hospitals and other public conveniences has been illegally occupied by the locals.

Several localities also face poor mobile network issues.

Like any other city, Howrah also has its share of positives as well as negatives. Before you make up your mind and move to Howrah, do keep these issues in mind.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of West Bengal

  • Area: 95 km²
  • Elevation: 12 m
  • Population: 48.4 lakhs
  • Main Language: Bengali

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Numbers


The climate of Howrah is tropical in nature. Being situated next to the Hooghly river, this town experiences heavy rainfall during the months of May to October.

Summer, in Howrah lasts from March to May. Winter, is usually from November to February.

Moving into the city:

For getting to Howrah, the nearest airport is Kolkata airport. Being a metro city, there are regular flights from most parts of the country to Kolkata. From Kolkata, you can easily get to Howrah by bus, taxi or even by metro.

Howrah station has regular trains from most parts of the country. Getting to Howrah by train is very easy and convenient.

Moving around the City:

For commuting within Howrah, you can easily hail a taxi, bus or take the metro.

Public transport in Howrah is quite reliable and easy to use. If you are taking a cab, it might get a little inconvenient if you do not speak the local language.

If you’re moving to Howrah and plan to stay for a few years, learning the basics of Bengali would really help.

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