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Every building in the walled historic center is painted terracotta "pink" except for a few exceptions in the uniform color scheme, which is why the capital of Rajasthan is known as the 'pink city'.

This pink city of India is the most populous city in the state of Rajasthan.



The city is named after the ruler of Amer, Maharaja Jai Singh II. It was founded in November 1726.


What to do in Jaipur

Looking for entertainment and recreation in Jaipur? We've curated a list of places and things you can visit and do while you're here. 
Here are the most fun places to be in, while you're at Jaipur.
If you want a taste of Jaipur's heritage, you can visit these museums
If art is what you're into, click here to check out the upcoming art and culture events in Jaipur. 
For the religious ones, here are is a list of 211 temples in Jaipur and 8 most famous ones
If adventure is what you crave, here is a list of places you could visit. 
If you're bored on the weekends, take your family out for a movie.

Things for Sight Seeing in Jaipur

Here are links to top sight in Jaipur


Shopping in Jaipur

Want to go shopping? Here are 6 places you cannot miss.

The best places to shop in Jaipur are out on the streets. Here is a list of street markets in Jaipur. If it's all the same to you and you don't mind spending some extra money check this list given out by Designer Diaries.


Buying Furniture in Jaipur

You can check out and buy some furniture online at some of these e-commerce websites.

Want to check your furniture out in person? Click here.

Or opt for second-hand furnitures here.

Have you considered renting furniture? Glovve offers you furniture rentals that suit your needs. To give you the best options in renting, we have tied up with several Furniture Leasing Services in Jaipur. This saves you the efforts of talking to multiple vendors for your requirements plus the monies.


Selling old stuff in Jaipur

Most people don't take everything they own when they are moving to a new place.

Use the top classifieds to sell whatever you don't want to take with you. Or a better option is to store it somewhere safe. This way, you can take it back whenever you want. Learn more about Glovve's Home Storage Solutions.


Getting things done in Jaipur

Little things like hiring an electrician, repairing faucets, calling an ambulance, finding a doctor nearby, hiring a driver etc. are equally important.

You don't want to be asking your neighbors or worse, strangers for help.

What you might want to do instead is check out Glovve's Home Settling-in Services.


Restaurants & Eateries in Jaipur

Want to go out for a nice meal with your family? Check out the recent list published by NDTV. Trip advisor gives you a list of restaurants. You may also want to check out the food items you must try while you're in Jaipur and the 5 places you should definitely eat at.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Jaipur

Choosing a school for your infant can be a difficult task, we're trying to make it easier for you by giving you this list of top rated play schools in Jaipur.

Choosing a school which provides proper education to the masses and especially for your child can be a daunting exercise, hence we thought you could use this list of schools in Jaipur to find the perfect one for your kid.

If you're looking for CBSE schools, in particular, click here.


Networking opportunities in Jaipur

If you're ever feeling a little lonely in your new city, you can attend a meetup, or join a community of your liking.


The Woes of Jaipur

There is a downside to everything.

Poverty, traffic, garbage spoils, water crisis etc. are things you should know about before moving into the city.

These are things you would definitely want to know if you're planning to move to Jaipur.


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Read these tips before choosing packers and movers to Jaipur

1. Tips to hire trusted packers and movers

2. Expert advice for moving to a new home

3. What is the cost of moving a house?

4. 10 things to check before renting a house

5. Top Indian Cities you can relocate to

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Rajasthan

  • Area: 111.8 km²
  • Elevation: 431 m
  • Population: 3.65 million
  • MainLanguage: Rajasthani

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Numbers


The weather in Jaipur is mostly dominated by the heat, but this isn't the case throughout the year.

Summer arrives in March and stays until June. (May is when the summer peaks)

Monsoon commences in July and continues until September. (January is the coldest month)

Winter begins in the month of October and ends by March. (The wettest month is August)

The average temperature in Jaipur is 33°C. It receives about 9 hours of sunlight in November.

Moving into the city:

This flamboyant city will seduce you with its culture. As far as traveling and getting around is concerned, you have a few options.

To get here, you can use buses, planes, and trains from any major city in India.

You can find air tickets for Jaipur here.

The Jaipur Junction Railway Station is the main station in Jaipur and also acts as the headquarters for the North Western Railway zone.

Moving around the City:

To be able to move around the city you'll have to familiarize yourself with your options, which are buses, trains, cabs, and rickshaws.

To travel within the city you can also use the metro service.

Still curious? Click here.

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