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Kanpur was formerly known as 'The Manchester of India'. It is the industrial centre of Uttar Pradesh. It is also the largest city in all of Uttar Pradesh. It is well-known for its fine quality of leather and textile products. Until recently, majority of the city’s economy was dependent on the leather industry.

Kanpur is closely connected to Lucknow, which is the capital of UP. The official language of the city id Hindi. Although, most people speak and understand English, too.



Until 1948, Kanpur was known as Cawnpore. The foundation was this city was laid by the Hindu Kind, Chandel of Sachendi.

Kanpur is the 5th largest and the second most populated Hindi speaking city in India. A lot of poets, artists and scholars have contributed greatly in the field of literature, art and education.


What to do in Kanpur

You’ve recently moved to a new city. How do you keep yourself busy on the weekends? Here’s a list of top 10 places to visit.

For the family, here is a list of some fun activities and games.

If you’re looking to escape somewhere quiet on the weekends, here’s a list of interesting places near Kanpur.


Things for Sight Seeing in Kanpur

Here are links to Top sights in Kanpur


Shopping in Kanpur

Kanpur has a lot of street markets and local bazars, and very few malls.Z Square mall is one of the largest and fanciest mall in the city. Here’s a list of a few other malls in the city

If you’re looking for shopping from the local market, here’s the list of places you much visit.


Buying Furniture in Kanpur

After moving to the new city, you might need to buy furniture for your new home. You can always order it online from sites like

If you aren’t comfortable shopping online, head to the local furniture market in Kanpur.

If you’re looking to buy second hand furniture, OLX is the best place to go.


Getting things done in Kanpur

Whether you are moving to a new home or moving back into your old home, chances are you might need to get something repaired or fixed. It could be a leaking tap or a broken switch board.

How are you going to find electricians, plumbers or carpenters to help you out?

While asking the neighbours seems like a good idea, they might not always be available to help. For times like this here’s a service you can use.


Restaurants & Eateries in Kanpur

Looking for a good restaurant to eat out in Kanpur? Zomato is the best place to look for suggestions.

For more suggestions, look here on TripAdvisor.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Kanpur

Worried about your to school? Here is a list of schools in Kanpur. Choose one that is close to where you stay.

Looking for schools for your older kids? Here is list of the top 20 schools in Kanpur.

For older children going to colleges and universities, here’s a list to help you choose.


Networking opportunities in Kanpur

Want to meet new people in Kanpur? Consider joining Meetup.



The Woes of Kanpur

Like most places, Kanpur also has its fair share of problems. The lack of modern architecture gives the city a rustic feel.

The increasing population is another problem.The city is becoming increasingly crowded.

The growing pollution in the city has taken a toll on the water bodies of the city.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Uttar Pradesh

  • Area : 403.7 km²
  • Elevation: 126 m
  • Population: 3,074,000
  • Main Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Awadhi

Important Phone Numbers:


Emergency numbers


The temperature of Kanpur varies from very hot in summers to very cold in winters. Kanpur receives an average annual rainfall of 820mm.

  • Summers last from February to May. The temperature hits a high of 40° C during the month of April and May.
  • Monsoon sets in mid-June and lasts until September. Rains fall from June to September and it is at its peak during March and April.
  • Winter is from November to January. December is the coldest month. It is advisable to wear loose cotton clothes in summer and heavy woollen clothes in winter. Check out the latest weather here.

Moving into the city:

Kanpur is well—connected to most major cities by road and train. Kanpur doesn’t have an airport. Since the city is closely connected to Lucknow, one can easily reach Kanpur by taking a flight to Lucknow. Kanpur is roughly 80 kms from Lucknow airport, and takes around 2 hours to reach.

Kanpur Central railway station is the busiest railway station in India. The station was designed to operate up to 230 trains on a daily basis.

Moving around the City:

To move within the city there are various services such as

  1. Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service
  2. Auto Rickshaw
  3. Cycle Rickshaw
  4. Car rental or Taxi.

City buses are cheaper. Auto Rickshaws have no system for charging fares. However Vikram, the three-wheeler tempo is affordable.

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