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Kurukshetra is a centrally located city in the state of Haryana. It is known as the land of Bhagwad Gita.

Kurukshetra is closely connected to Chandigarh. The major language of people here is Hindi, Punjabi or Haryanvi.

Owing to its historical significance, Kurukshetra is considered to be a holy city. In 2017, the Government declared a ban on eating and possession of meat in this city. It is now one of the few vegetarian cities in India.



The city is known throughout India for its historical importance. The Mahabharata, was set in Kurukshetra.

According to the Puranas, Kurukshetra got its name from King Kuru, the ancestors of Kauravas and Pandavas.

According to the Hindu calendar, Gita Jayanti is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm in Kurukshetra. The Government of Haryana gives special importance to this day.


What to do in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is known for its historical importance. When in this city, visiting the historical monuments is a must.


Things for Sight Seeing in Kurukshetra

Some of the must-visit places are Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre, Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb, Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple and Kalpana Chawla Planetarium.


Shopping in Kurukshetra

Looking to buy household goods after moving to Kurukshetra? For street-shopping, some of the best places are Tula Ram Market, Dhillon White House Market, Shree Krishna Market, Sector 17 Market and Nit Market.

If you’re looking to go shopping at a mall, some of the best ones are Divine City Square Mall and Aadhar Shopping Mall.

Kurukshetra is known for its pottery and handloom articles. While you’re there, do collect some of these.


Buying Furniture in Kurukshetra

Thinking about buying new furniture after moving to Kurukshetra? Some of the best places you can go to are @home, Shiv Furniture House, Aman Furniture, Lal Furniture and Abhi Furniture Palace.

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Selling old stuff in Kurukshetra

Looking to sell old furniture in Kurukshetra? You can sell your used furniture online on OLX or Quikrr.

If you’re looking to sell your used wooden furniture, you can also enquire with the local furniture dealer.


Getting things done in Kurukshetra

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Restaurants & Eateries in Kurukshetra

Looking for restaurants to eat out at Kurukshetra? Some of the best ones are Kathi King, Hotel Orbit and Gulab Restaurant.

You can also find outlets of Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dosa Plaza and McDonalds.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Kurukshetra

Moving to Kurukshetra with school going children? Some of the best schools you can get your kids admitted to are DAV Public School, Ideal Convent School, Greenfield Public School, Wisdom World School and Maharana Pratap Public School.


Networking opportunities in Kurukshetra

Feeling homesick in the new city because you don’t have any friends? Meet like-minded people on


The Woes of Kurukshetra

Irregular water supply is a problem in some regions of Kurukshetra, although not very prominent.

Before renting a place or buying a house, do keep this in mind to avoid inconvenience.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Haryana

  • Area: 1,530km²
  • Elevation: 846 feet
  • Population: 964,655
  • Main Language: Hindi, Punjabi

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Phone Numbers


Kurukshetra experiences extreme climate. Summers here are extremely hot. Winters, extremely cold.

The average temperature in summers is 40 degrees Celsius. During winters, it can get as cold as 1 degree Celsius.

The monsoon season is at its peak during the months of July and August.

Moving into the city:

Kurukshetra doesn’t have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is Chandigarh airport which is at a distance of 91 kms. From Chandigarh airport, you can hire a cab or take a bus for Kurukshetra.

If you’re travelling by train, Kurukshetra is a junction on the Amritsar-Delhi railway line. Getting here by trains isn’t a problem at all.

Kurukshetra is also well connected to most major Indian cities by road. You can easily get a bus or rent a car for getting to Kurukshetra. If you’re keen on driving yourself, you can drive through the National Highway 1 and reach Kurukshetra.

Moving around the City:

The public transport in Kurukshetra is quite convenient and well managed. For getting around the city, the Haryana Roadways buses are very convenient.

You can also hail an autorickshaw or hire a radio cab.

The public transport system in Kurukshetra is one of the best in the state and can easily be relied on.

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