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Latur is a city in the state of Maharashtra. It is an educational hub. There are around 140 colleges in the city.

Apart from education, the major industries in Latur are - Sugarcane, soybean and edible oils production. Agriculture is a major contributor to the city’s economy.

A lot of multinational packaged food companies also have their set ups in Latur, from where they pack and export food products.



Latur has a rich cultural history, dating back to the Rashtrakuta period. Latur was earlier called Lattalur.

During the 17th century, Latur was part of the princely state of Hyderabad. In 1982, it became a separate district.


What to do in Latur

When in Latur, indulging in a breakfast of Idli-Chutney is a must. While this is a popular South-Indian breakfast, the way they make it in Latur is definitely worth a try.

Visiting the famous Ashtavinayak Temple and Vilasrao Deshmukh Park is also a must.


Things for Sight Seeing in Latur

Moving to Latur for work? Whether you are moving alone, or relocating with your family, spending the weekends exploring the city should definitely be on your agenda.

Here’s an article with the list of must-visit places in Latur.


Shopping in Latur

Looking to go shopping in Latur? If you’ve moved recently, you’ll definitely need to buy everyday essentials and knick-knacks for the house.

If you’re looking for branded items, here’s a list of shopping malls in Latur.

If you’re keen on exploring the local market, visit Nagar Parishad Market at Gandhi Chowk, Geetanjali Market at Hanuman Chowk or the Gan Golai Market.


Buying Furniture in Latur

Looking to buy new furniture for your house in Latur?

Some of the best furniture shops are Ekbote Furniture, Marathwada Fibre Furniture, Kiran Sales Corporation and Furniture World.

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Selling old stuff in Latur

Looking to sell off old stuff because you need space in the new house?

If you aren’t in a mood to sell it because it’s too dear to discard, or you’ll need it again soon, you can store them in a safe place.

Hire storage space from Glovve and keep your things safe. Take it back when you need, just as easily.

If you’re still keen on selling things, you can try doing so online on sites like OLX and Quikr.


Getting things done in Latur

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone were to magically set your new home in order?

Why put up with the pain of settling-in when a better solution awaits?

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Restaurants & Eateries in Latur

Latur is well-known for the Maharashtrian cuisine. Street-food in Latur is very good, too. When in Latur, do try the very famous Sharmaji ki Pani-Puri.

If you’re looking to dine out to celebrate a special occasion, you can visit Gayatri Veg Culture, Gayatri Sneh Retreat, Anjani Restaurant, Swapnlok Pur Veh Hotel Restaurants, Wada II Pure Veg or Nisarga Garden Restaurant.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Latur

Latur is an educational hub. Finding a good school for your child in this city won’t be a problem at all.

Here’s a list of the best schools in the city. You can pick one close to your house, for your child.

The quality of college education in Latur is considered quite good, too. The students of Latur are almost always amongst the top rankers to crack the engineering and medical entrance exams.


Networking opportunities in Latur

Moved to Latur recently? Feeling home-sick in the new city?

Use these 5 resources to settle-in with ease.

Don’t have any friends in the new city, yet? Try these tried and tested tips to make new friends.


The Woes of Latur

Certain localities in Latur face serious problems with drinking water-supply. Although the government is working hard to solve this, it is best to enquire about the situation in the area you are thinking or renting or buying a house.

Traffic congestion, is another major issue. The increasing population only adds to this, making it worse by the day.

Latur, like any other city, has its share of pros and cons. If you are moving to Latur for better work opportunities or an improved lifestyle, a few problems shouldn’t deter you from relocating to Latur.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Maharashtra

  • Area: 32.56km²
  • Elevation: 515m
  • Population: 382,940
  • Main Language: Marathi

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency phone numbers


Like most of Maharashtra, Latur experiences semi-arid climate. The three major seasons here are summer, winter and rainy season.

During winter season, the average temperature is 15 to 20 degrees.

Summer season has an average temperature of 25 to 40 degrees.

The average annual rainfall in the city is 725mm.

Moving into the city:

Latur is well-connected to most major cities in India via road, rail and air.

There are connecting flights to Latur, everyday, from most major metros.

Reaching Latur from road is quite convenient, too. It is easily accessible form NH 361, NH 17 and NH 7.

The major railway station in Latur is the Latur Railway Station. It falls on the Solapur division of the the Central Railways.

Moving around the City:

For commuting within the city, auto-rickshaws are best. Although most rickshaws don’t run by the meter. To avoid trouble, it is best to fix the fare before starting the journey.

If you aren’t in a hurry to reach somewhere, you can also try the state-run or private bus.

It’s quite comfortable and reliable. But since it runs at fixed timings, you’ll have to check if it matches your schedule.

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