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The capital of Bihar,Patna, is also the largest and the oldest city in the state.

Ancient Patna, known as Pataliputra was founded by King Magadha in 490 BCE.The native language of Patna is Magadi, derived from the ancient language Maghadi Prakrit.



Etymologically the name of the city has been derived from the word Patan, which was the name of the Hindu goddess, Patna Devi.


What to do in Patna

It’s always best to know what you can do around here to keep yourself busy and entertained.

Here’s a list of gaming centers where you and your family can kill some time together. 

You can learn a lot about the history of the place by visiting its museums.

If art isn’t your cup of tea can check out some of other upcoming events. 

More of a religious person? Worry not. Here are the 33 most famous temples in Patna for you to visit. 

Bored on the weekends? Go out for a movie with your family.


Things for Sight Seeing in Patna

Here are links to Top sights in Patna.


Shopping in Patna

If you'd like to go shopping and not worry about how much you're spending, this link is for you.

Here’s where you can Check out the fashion on the streets of Patna.


Buying Furniture in Patna

You're probably gonna need furniture for your new home. Here are some e-commerce sites to help you with that.

Don’t want to shop for furniture online? Here's your solution.

Want a solution which is more economic in nature, here are some of the dealers specializing in second-hand furniture.

Wish to rent furniture instead? You can find the latest trends and styles with Glovve's Furniture Rental Services.


Selling old stuff in Patna

You probably can't take everything you own to your new home.It's better to think of a solution before you move rather than continuing with the charade.

You could sell your items or donate them.


Getting things done in Patna

Common problems people face when they've recently relocated span from hiring a driver, fixing a leaky tap, finding someone to paint their house, looking for doctor nearby etc

It's not very difficult for any of us to imagine ourselves in situations like these, but imagine having to ask your neighbor or even worse, a stranger for help.

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Restaurants & Eateries in Patna

If you're looking for the best Patna has to offer, in terms of food, you can check this list of places given by tripadvisor.

Feel like trying the local cuisine and some street food? Here are some of the most famous places and 20 things you must eat in Patna.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Patna

Looking for a play school for your kids? Look no more, here some play schools in Patna, and here are 10 of the best.

Is your kid past the play school stage? Here is a list of schools provided by tragetstudy and here are is a list of CBSE schools just in case.


Networking opportunities in Patna

Feeling left out in your new habitat? You just need to make some friends, join a community or get involved in meetups.


The Woes of Patna

Despite all its beauty, Patna does have its woes.

Problems like floods, dysfunctional hand pumps, power cuts etc make it inconvenient if not challenging to live here.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Bihar

  • Area: 99.45 km²
  • Elevation: 53 m
  • Population: 2.7 million
  • Main Language: Hindi

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency numbers



The weather in Patna differs decently throughout the year. 

Summer begins in March and lasts until November. (The warmest month is May)

The period from June to September is dominated by the monsoon. (The wettest month is August)

The months from November to January denote winter. (January is the coolest month) 

It's usually hot here all year round but December is the driest month in the state.


Moving into the city:

The city is approximately 18 kilometers wide and spans about 35 kilometers in length.

You can get to Patna by bus, trains, or air from any major city in India.

Want to book a flight to Patna? Click here.

Patna Junction railway (PNBE) station is the main railway station in Patna and in terms of frequency of trains, it's the seventh busiest railway station in India.

Like to travel by bus? Book your bus tickets here.


Moving around the City:

Patna isn't much different from any other city in India when it comes to the variety in transportation. You have rickshaws, taxis, and buses.

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