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Raipur is a city in the state of Chattisgarh. It is the capital of the state. And also the largest city in Chattisgarh.

Raipur is known as the Rice-bowl of India, because of the variety of rice grown in the city.

Raipur is also an important trade centre and industrial town.

The major industries contributing to the economy of the city are rolling mill industries, ferro alloys, steel casting and cement industry.



The oldest proof of civilisation in Raipur dates back to the 9th century. The city was first ruled by the Maurya kingdom and then became a part of the southern Kosala region.

Due to the recent industrial and economical growth, Raipur is now one of the fastest evolving cities in the country.


What to do in Raipur

Moving to Raipur for work? The city has a lot of interesting sight-seeing and entertainment options. You’ll never have to spend the weekend getting bored at home.


Things for Sight Seeing in Raipur

Some of the best places for sight-seeing in Raipur are Swami Vivekanand Sarovar, Gandhi Udyaan, Ghatarani Waterfalls and Jatmai Temple.


Shopping in Raipur

Looking to go shopping in Raipur?

Raipur is popular for it’s handloom items and colourful textile. When in Raipur, make sure you buy some of these.

Some of the places you can go to for shopping are - City Mall 36, Magento Mall, City Centre Mall and R K Mall.


Buying Furniture in Raipur

Looking to adorn your new home in Raipur with new furniture?

Some of the best furniture shops in Raipur are Baldeo Furnitures, Sagar Furnitures, Chattisgarh Furniture and Cash Dream.

Moved to Raipur for a short period of time? Need furniture but don’t wish to invest too much? Have you thought about renting furniture?

With Glovve's Furniture Rental Services, you can easily choose from a variety of furniture to take on rent. Use it for as long as you want. The longer you keep it, the lesser you pay. And when you don’t need it anymore, return it just as easily.


Selling old stuff in Raipur

Need space in the new house? Get rid of the old stuff and create space for the new. You can easily sell your old things online on sites like OLX and Quikr.

Don't want to sell something because it's too close to your heart? Or you think you might need it later on?

Hire storage space from Glovve. Keep your things safe. Take it back when you need. Isn't that a great way to save space at home?


Getting things done in Raipur

After moving to a new house, the most difficult part is arranging the new home.

Why put up with the pain of settling-in when a better solution awaits?

Make settling-in easy peasy, without headaches. Leave all the chores of settling-in to Glovve’s professional consultant.

Hire Home Settling-in Services from Glovve.


Restaurants & Eateries in Raipur

After moving to a new city, setting up your kitchen and getting back to routine will certainly take some time.

You might consider eating out or ordering food from a nearby restaurant.

You can easily find good and affordable restaurants nearby using apps like Zomato.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Raipur

Raipur is home to some very good schools and colleges in the country.

If you have school going children, it is ideal to send them to a school that is not very far away from your home.

For college going children, let them pick a college based on the field of their study.

Here’s a list of some of the best schools and colleges in Raipur, for you and your child to choose from.


Networking opportunities in Raipur

Bored in the new city? Weekends, especially, can get very boring if you don’t have too many friends in the new city.

A great way to meet like minded people is If you have a hobby like reading, gardening or are part of fan-club, you could also join Facebook groups on Raipur based on your interest. You could make friends online or look for a group that meets regularly, so you get a chance to meet people who share the same interest.


The Woes of Raipur

Raipur is slowly being developed into a smart city. Along with a lot of benefits, it has its downside, too.

Raipur is the 7th most populated city in India. Due to the increasing population, traffic congestion is now a major issue in the city.

If you’re moving to Raipur for work, it is advisable to buy or rent a house close to your workplace. This way, you can avoid being stuck in long traffic jams when commuting to work.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Chhattisgarh

  • Area: 226 km²
  • Elevation: 298.15 m
  • Population: 1,010,087
  • Main Language: Hindi

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Numbers


Raipur experiences tropical wet and dry climate.

The temperature remains moderate throughout the year, except for in summers when it rises up to 48 degrees.

The three major seasons in Raipur are summer, winter and rainy season.

Summer lasts from March to May. Rainy season is from June to September.

And winter lasts from October to February.

Moving into the city:

Raipur is well connected to most major cities in India by air, rail and road.

Swami Vivekananda Airport at Ranchi has regular flights from most major cities in India.

Reaching Raipur by train is also very convenient. Raipur Junction Railway Station is the main station of the city, It has also been rated A-1 by the Indian Railways.

Raipur has regular Government as well as private buses from most major metros in the country.

Moving around the City:

Save for the traffic jam, commuting within Raipur is not a problem at all. The public transport in the city is very convenient and reliable.

You can easily hail an auto-rickshaw for commuting short distance. For long distance commutes, people usually rely on radio cab services.

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