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Vijayawada is situated in Andhra Pradesh Capital Region. Vijayawada is classified as a Y-grade city. It is one of the fastest developing city in Andhra Pradesh and is believed to be the Global City of the Future.

The most commonly spoken language in Vijayawada is Telgu. However, many locals speak and understand English, too.

According to Wikipedia, Vijayawada is the third most densely populated city in the urban population.



Vijayawada was earlier known as Bezwada. The city was founded by Paricchedi Kings in 626 A.D.

It is believed that Vijayawada is a place where Goddess Durga defeated the demon. That is how the city got its name, Vijayawada. The literal translation of Vijayawada is the city of victory.


What to do in Vijayawada

When in Vijayawada, do sample the lip-smacking Andhra Biryani.

Visiting the Krishna River should also be on the list.

For sightseeing, some of the must-visit places are Kanaka Durga Temple, Prakasam Barrage, Undavalli Caves, Bhavani Island and Gandhi Hill.


Things for Sight Seeing in Vijayawada

When in Vijayawada, do visit the Amaravati Museum, Gunadala Matha Shrine and Victoria Museum.


Shopping in Vijayawada

After moving to Vijayawada, you might need to buy household stuff for the new house. If you wish to shop local, do visit the local market at MG Road or Governorpet.

If you’d rather go shopping at a mall, head to Lepl Centro Mall, Pvp Square, Ripple Mall.

If you wish to but handicrafts for the house, visit Virupaksha Handicrafts Show Room.


Buying Furniture in Vijayawada

If you wish to buy furniture online, you can visit sites like Urban Ladder and Pepper Fry.

If you’re looking to buy used furniture, you can buy from sites like OLX and QuikrBazaar.

If you want to buy from a local shop, visit Furniture Park, The Furniture Dealers Association, Damro Furniture and Cache Furniture.

If you wish to rent furniture in Vijayawada, look at Glovve's Furniture Rental Services.


Selling old stuff in Vijayawada

If your furniture is in good condition, you can easily sell it online on OLX or QuikrBazaar.

If you wish to sell it offline, you can ask one of the local furniture dealers.


Getting things done in Vijayawada

Moving to a new city is almost like starting over. You will need to start looking for everything all over again.

A new doctor for the family, a new milkman, a new newspaper vendor, electrician, plumber and a carpenter if needed.

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Restaurants & Eateries in Vijayawada

If you’ve just moved to a new house, you might not have all the necessary things, nor the energy to cook for the family.

If you’re looking to order food online, you can check out food delivery deals on

To find out good restaurants near you, try searching for ‘restaurants near me’ on Google maps.


Education: Play schools to pre-university in Vijayawada

The quality of education in Vijayawada is considered to be quite good. If you have school going children, finding a good school for them in Vijayawada won’t be very difficult.

Vijayawada also has some well-known and reputed engineering and medical colleges. Some of the best colleges in Vijayawada are NTR University of Health Sciences, Siddhartha Engineering College and Nirma Engineering College.


Networking opportunities in Vijayawada

Looking to meet like-minded people in your new city? Whether you are looking to make new friends or simply expand your business network, is a great place to start.

You could also join a local club or one of those Facebook groups where you can meet people who share similar interests.


The Woes of Vijayawada

Some of the common problems people living in Vijayawada face are poor drainage system, occasional shortage of drinking water, non-functional street lights and dumping of garbage and debris in public places.

With the increasing population, locals are also facing problems with traffic congestion.

Like every city, living in Vijayawada also has pros and cons. Before you make up your mind to move to Vijayawada, do keep these issues in mind.

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Key Facts
Capital of the State of Andhra Pradesh

  • Area: 61.88 km²
  • Elevation: 23 m
  • Population: 1,476,931
  • Main Languages: Telgu

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Phone Numbers


Vijayawada has a hot and humid climate. The three major seasons that this city experiences are summer, winter and rainy season.

Summer lasts from April to June. May is usually the hottest month. The average temperature during summer is 45 degrees. During summer, the humidity also rises up to 68%.

Vijayawada experiences an average rainfall of 965 mm every year. Rainy season usually lasts from June to September. During this time, cyclones in this region are quite common. Due to this, the place is also called Blazewada.

Moving into the city:

Vijayawada airport has flights connecting to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi and Tirupati.

The city is also well connected to most major cities in India by train.

You can also reach Vijayawada by bus.

Moving around the City:

To commute within the city, auto rickshaws are the most commonly used public transport. When travelling in a rickshaw, make sure to fix the fare before you board. Although some rickshaw drivers do run by meter, it is advisable to opt for a fixed rate. If you are new to the city, be extra careful about the fare.

Another option is to book a cab using online services like OLA. If it is a planned trip, you can also rent a car from a local agency easily.

Many people prefer travelling by bus, too. But because of the increasing population in the city, the buses are mostly crowded.

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